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NOTE: This is a brain dump of all my thoughts and notes on my education and progression as a skydiver. It’s a living document and more here for me than you :) - but hope you find it useful in some way as well!

Be sure to check out BPA ‘Training and Progression’.
All BPA forms (including examination forms) can be downloaded from the BPA site.

Current Progression Plan (Post ‘A’-Licence)

Post 'A' Licence Plan

  1. Canopy Handling 2 (CH2)
  2. Jumpmaster 1 (JM1)
  3. Freefly 1 (FF1)

Future Progression Plans


Formation Skydiving

Canopy Handling

“Canopy Handling” on BPA Site.

### Common Terms **”Upwind”** - flying _against_ the direction of the wind, meaning it will slow you down. For example - if you’re “upwind of the PLA”, then there’s a good chance that you might find yourself unable to make it back and need to find an alternate landing area.

“The Accuracy Trick”

CH1 - The Basics, Safety, Landing Patterns and Toggle Usage

CH2 - Riser Usage, Wind and Turbulence, Traffic and Canopy Drills

Key Documents

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